These 40 People Used Incorrect But Similar-Sounding Words, And The Results Are Hilarious

One factor that almost constantly receives a chuckle out of us is when any person uses fallacious but similar sounding phrases to express themselves. Electrical as a substitute of electoral, bone jaw rather of bonjour, suppository instead of repository — the comedic doable is nearly limitless because we all have blind spots the place we combine up two in a similar way sounding phrases that are, in reality, some thing however comparable in meaning.

The subreddit ‘Bone Apple Tea’ (which sounds almost like bon appétit in French) collects all forms of malapropisms which are when people use an improper word that sounds similar to the excellent word, often with hilarious results. We’ve amassed the first-class such examples, so get your scrolling fingers ready, upvotes your faves and share with your friends. Let us be aware of what the high-quality malapropisms you’ve ever heard are and share with us if you’ve ever committed any embarrassing linguistic accidents yourself.Next

Be sure to scroll down for Inspiral Viral’s interview with ‘Bone Apple Tea’s’ founder and moderators!


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