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The Chiltern Firehouse, Luxury Hotels in London

When we think about Chiltern Firehouse Marylebone, London, England. The ery first thing which comes to our mind is
a magnet for media and entertainment types, darling. Interiors are charmingly retro, service is polished,the breakfast
is excellent, famous Nuno Mendes restaurant is popular with special likes of Cara Delevingne, Kate Moss, David Beckham
& Kylie Minogue.
Everybody knew that housed in a fire station dating from year 1887, the building has a huge charm. The street on which Chiltern
Firehouse stands has been recently regenerated street and is now lined with many interesting shops. Happily the traditional
barber’s shop and the newsagent opposite have not been swept away, special thanks to the help of Chiltern Firehouse owner André
Balazs, also known for the Mercer and Château Marmont.
when we think about its Style and Character, The original façade has been restored and the former ladder shed is now changed into
the guest lobby; the engine house also holds the restaurant, with bedrooms above; and the newly constructed extension in between
holds the horseshoe-shaped bar and a courtyard for outdoor seating. The whole is compact, but it works. Keeping in view the
happiness & comfort of all the guests have been given impressive thought and you feel it the moment you are ushered in by
the doormen straight towards central casting (head doorman Matt McClure really is also an actor). Another aspect is
that interiors, by Paris-based Studio KO, are timeless, homely, stylish, vintage and glamorous.This is the reason you
won’t want to leave. Humour is there too: that in Ladies, ‘Cigarettes and Men’ is scrawled lipstick-style specially on a glass
door; if you open it then definately you be also in a cute smoking area.
Another big aspect is superb: friendly, polished, relaxed, swift – just how we like it today. General Manager Guillaume Marly has
the Ritz and Claridges behind him and has assembled an impressive team. Specially the simplicity and directness is the key: no
any other directories for ‘housekeeping’, ‘room service’, ‘reception’ etc; instead, a handwritten note by the bedroom telephone:
“Dial 0 for everything”. Perhaps a quirky, instructive, amusingly illustrated booklet that guests could keep as a
memento of their stay.
All the rooms during these days are decorated the same. specifically, at the Chiltern Firehouse, their decoration is so
charmingly retro, domestic & sensible, yet the stylish and original, & it matters far less than in other hotels.
Looks and comfort wise, all rooms are impossible to fault.
A separate gastronomic restaurant where he can practice his culinary wizardry; in the meantime the food on a monthly changing the menu
very delicious without being exceptional, and is perfectly suited to the crowded, brasserie-style in surroundings. During early in the
morning Breakfast, a basket of pastries to inventive cooked dishes, is excellent. Specially the service, by accomplished waiters chosen
for their personality, is brilliant. At times, the restaurant only just avoids being unbearably crowded.
This neighbourhood hotel is also diminutive and feels very much as though it should be frequented by a wider group than simply
the very wealthy who can afford its top whack prices

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