The Best Things to Ever Happen to People Playing Truth or Dare

If you’ve ever snuck to the cellar of the relatives of your colleagues to play a sneaky Truth or Dare game — perhaps even with… girls? — You understand how exciting the play is about how hazardous it can be. Maybe you’re going to dare to kiss your Emily crush, or disclose your deepest secret (which is that you’ve got a crush on Emily), or, in the best case scenario, get your Tim buddy to do something super stupid so Emily, who’s your crush, continues to love him. There’s endless opportunities.

But, think it or not, during matches of truth or Dare sometimes things occur that have nothing to do with your crush. Sometimes Truth or Dare games have both beneficial and negative unimaginable implications. Here we have collected some of the best Truth or Dare stories from an Ask Reddit thread that details some of the mind-blowing things that happened when these people made the most important choice in the life of every adolescent: truth or daring.

And every year, on the anniversary of that day, they held an Awesome Day party to commemorate this awesome day.

I got to see the boobs of my mates and watch him lick an electric fence all that day.

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