Strogan off with Vodka Instant Pot Mushroom

Please do this if you have an Instant Pot. Please. Especially for pasta supporters, this one is for you. It’s a Stroganoff Instant Pot Mushroom. And, as many of you know, mushroom stroganoff is quite common in the Instant Pot society. You see it highlighted in many variants. Some are decadent over – the-top, others are healthy and heart-felt. That’s my take, attempting to land in the subsequent camp squarely.

How do I move my rogue? Infuse with crushed caraway seeds a lot of vodka. Use it to spike as you cook your mushroom base. So, somewhat like penne alla vodka, but the stroganoff version of the mushroom. You can use whatever pasta you like (full-grain, gluten-free, chickpea, rice, etc.), I use creamy nut milk instead of real cream, and a splash of olive oil to get things started instead of butter plates. You’re not going to miss anything. This is a vegan, vegetarian, comfortable, comfortable, easy and adaptable version.

Serving Suggestions

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