Photography Hacks That Will Get You Amazing Results

These hacks of photography are inexpensive, but you will be surprised by the final outcomes. These projects can even assist you to restart your photography interest. Yes, you can spend thousands of bucks buying equipment that will do the same, but doing a DIY project and capturing incredible photography through something you’ve developed is a lot more fun. Let’s walk through 20 hacks of photography you can do at home.

1. Create Your Own Lightbox

You’ll need a sheet of paper and tape for this photography hack. You should first tape the paper to a window, as you can see from the images below. Place your topic before the document and move your camera to Av mode (opening tof/8, setting the ISO to 100). Go to the Exposure Compensation and plug in+ 1 or+ 2 afterwards, verify your focus and shoot.

Your savings: $20 to $50 USD on a professional lightbox

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