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Park Lane Sheraton Grand Hotel in London

The world famous Sheraton Grand London Park Lane Piccadilly is freshly exfoliated five-star celebration of art deco,
shining with mirror-plated pillars and papered with gold and silver leaf. Sleep in a bed chamber prickling with
Twenties pizzazz, drink quinoa vodka cocktails in the outré bar, and feast on Amalfi sharing plates in the
self-consciously “current” restaurant.
its speciality is that Green Park is just across the road; you’ll get a view of its narcissus flowers and very famous
silver maple trees from the front-facing bedrooms on the upper floors. This hotel is also located on Piccadilly and its
all shopping credentials include Waterstones, Fortnum & Mason and the designer boutiques of Old Bond Street
only a 10-minute walk away.
If u are thinking about its style & character,A multimillion-pound refurbishment that took two years has chiselled,
plastered, polished and buffed the Sheraton to its former alabaster-sconced, silver-foiled Roaring Twenties glory
(it first opened in 1927). Expect gilded ancient reliefs, wall lamps shaped like paper scrolls, and mighty art
deco pillars that, thanks to clever use of concealed light bulbs, exude a dreamy, milky-white light.One thing you should
be careful not to trip up admiring the fresh trefoiled carpets that have replaced their grubby predecessors;
they will make you wish you’d worn your Mary Janes or wingtip Oxford brogues.
Only this is the only kind of hotel that seeks to steamroller guests with its glamour, but it’s also intimate enough to
instantly feel at ease: specially sofas in the lobby are swaddled in plum velvet cloth so deep you might lose an earring
in the surface, but a cosy newley affixed library area is lined with battered tomes by Rudyard Kipling and Edgar Allan Poe.
Finally In the sexed-up Palm Court, pilasters brushed with copper and murals with inlays of bronze dazzle under a
restored butter-yellow stained-glass skylight – and yet squishy burnt-orange banquettes make it snugger than the draughty,
rattan-chaired arena this used to be.
here service & all other facilities highly admirable & most impressive are the garrulous waiters in purple waistcoats
and matching bow ties in the Palm Court; they talk rapturously to guests about the hotel’s 90-year history and tradition
of afternoon tea. Breakfast service was patchy: my tea arrived without milk.
All other facilities include a gym and the most glamorous ballroom in London, the Silver Gallery – its chandeliers resemble
spewing fountains and palladium leaf walls shimmer somewhere between platinum and bronze. Walk around when it’s empty and
silent – apart from the distant dull growl of the occasional Piccadilly line train.
All the bedrooms are now mini art deco palaces in their own right, and there are as much as 43 new suites. Expect Style Moderne
types of mirrors, funky Twenties-style cylindrical light fixtures, and mini etchings of Perseus’s winged horse Pegasus.
The gold leather headboards, bronze pouffes and light bulbs encased in spheres made from hundreds of silver hoops add a modern,
high-voltage gloss. The textures are just as compelling as the visuals: feature walls made from a wispy grey material feel like
flattened cotton wool.

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