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Online Colleges of Accounting in Oakland

Oakland University

Oakland University is designed for those students who are really keen and interested in making the careers in corporate, public and business accounting. The Oakland University graduates their students to become effective communicators while providing financial information. Students can easily achieve high level of expertise, could upload ethical responsibilities while analysis of the economic environment and input in descion making activities. Oakland University is providing successful careers in accounting profession. The Oakland University helps students in focusing on the areas of the accounting that interest them most. The degree in accounting will provide appropriate numbers of business and accounting credits required for the Uniform Certified Public Accountant Exam. The University is specialized in educating the professionals through their school of Law, business, accounting and also taxation. The undergraduate program enables students to learn investment analysis, income measurements, market monitoring and analysis. High quality education is the first priority of the Oakland University.

Golden State University

The Golden State University offers Bachelor of Science in Business. The classes may include management policy and strategy, financial management, contracts, management principals and marketing and also international business. The accounting related classes are also available like intermediate accounting, cost programs are available as online and also on-campus. The admission requirements are high school GPA of 3.00 or professional work experience. The primary goal of each area is to help students in acquiring the skills, knowledge and competencies that could be very beneficial for them to seek positions in a related function or industry concentrations. The credit microcomputer certificate programs enable students to enter the job marketing by preparing theirselves to learn computer applications for the accounts receivable, accounts payable and other accounting functions. The Golden State University graduates are usually equipped with the sought after skills and they are polished enough to excel the many fast career of accountings.


Laney College

The Laney College offers a program of Associate in arts in Accounting. The admission requirements include assessment test and orientation. The major courses of Laney College include law and business, intermediate and advanced accounting, financial and managerial accounting, statistics, strategic management auditing and many more.
The Laney College also offers Bachelor of Science in Accounting and it is a four year program. The main purpose of this program is to prepare students for the outstanding careers and opportunities in global business, accounting, and management and also many other fields so that students could easily go through with the global business. The Laney College facilitates students by offering an environment where student’s perspective, talent and experiences can play an integral part in their educational journey. Due to the unique progressive approach in teaching and learning, every student could easily get through with global challenges and requirements. The Laney College is the most dynamic and diverse college due to its quality and advanced education. This institute enables their students to become eager, keen, hardworking and willing to pursue their future with enthusiasm, courage and will of success.

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