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Online Colleges Of Accounting in Los Angeles

University Of Southern, California

The University Of Southern, California is the largest old University in the California. It was founded in 1880. The University enrolls almost twenty thousand students annually in the four year undergraduate programs. The University Of Southern, California also has twenty eight thousand students in graduate program and in a number of different professional programs like business, accounting, engineering, pharmacy etc. The University Of Southern, California is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. The University offers Masters of Accounting that enables students to become able for attaining accounting and business knowledge that could develop technical skills and knowledge in them. The graduate degrees help students in acquiring the conformation of success in public accounting, private accounting, auditing, assurance services, consulting and advisory services. The Master of Accounting also emphasis on developing expertise in auditing and business with a data and analytical focus. The University of Southern, California also provides accounting research and applications, audit and IT applications, financial statements, data visualization and data mining and many other skills. The undergraduate program enables students to learn investment analysis, income measurements, market monitoring and analysis. The University of Southern, California is offering finance major programs including foreign exchange services, corporate and managerial services, finance and investments. The students also learn about the global debt and finance that helps them in future practice. The University also offers international study opportunities to the students.

California State University


The California State University is the comprehensive university in the United State due to its thirty nine thousands enrollment annually. It is a Public University located in Los Angeles. The California State University has a number of departments that offers number of academic programs in B.S. accountancy, B.S. in information systems, a Masters in Professional Accountancy and Masters in Science Taxation. The accounting programs usually provide educational opportunities to the students that want to pursue their career in accounting. The Accounting programs has become very demanding and rigorous course of study that develops the understanding of technical procedures, professional standards and those ethics that are essential for becoming a successful professional in the public, government and non-profit accounting. The main purpose of accounting program is to prepare students for the outstanding careers and opportunities in global business and management. Students learn skills needed them to become a part of a professional team, so they can easily guide and lead local, national, international and global organizations with their knowledge. The California State University offers concentration areas. The primary goal of each area is to help students in acquiring the skills, knowledge and competencies that could be very beneficial for them to seek positions in a related function or industry. This California State University has built an appreciative and innovative curriculum, outstanding facilities, hard work and fully dedicated staff and faculty for providing the best possible values of the academics to the students, so that they could easily get through the highly updated world.

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