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Online Colleges of Accounting in Long Beach

Long Beach City College

The Long Beach City College offers many associate degree and certificate programs which enable students in the establishment of career advancement and personal development. The Long Beach City Colleges is offering undergraduate and graduate business administration programs with majors in the accounting, business and finance. The undergraduate program enables students to learn investment analysis, income measurements, market monitoring and analysis. The Long Beach City College is offering finance major programs including foreign exchange services, corporate and managerial services, finance and investments. The students also learn about the global debt and finance that helps them in future practice. The College also offers international study opportunities to the students. High quality education is the first priority of the Long Beach City College.

California State University

The California State University is the largest school in California. Its annual student enrollment is thirty five thousand. Students are enrolled in academic college including the college of Business Administration. The California State University offers Bachelor and master degree level in the Business administration. The
Graduate program helps students in the development of a business leader. The University offers Accelerated Studies available for MBA studies. The students can join Beta Alpha Accounting society or Financial Management Association. The MSA graduates have graduate opportunities in public accounting firms, corporate entities, financial firms, audit and tax groups etc. The primary goal of each area is to help students in acquiring the skills, knowledge and competencies that could be very beneficial for them to seek positions in a related function or industry. The California State University has built an appreciative and innovative curriculum, outstanding facilities, hard work and fully dedicated staff and faculty for providing the best possible values of the academics to the students, so that they could easily get through the highly updated world.

Keller Graduate School of Management

For the preparation of the challenges of the work place and can make a impact in the chosen field by enrolling in Keller School of Management. The Keller School of Management is also offering online degree programs that could easily facilitate the students in their busy schedule. The accounting degree programs at the Keller School of Management teach students the modern ups and downs of the accounting concepts. The key curriculum of this institute includes research, business, law, accounting, information systems etc. The main purpose of this program is to prepare students for the outstanding careers and opportunities in global business, accounting, and management and also many other fields. The City College enables students to serve their community with skills and they also learn valuable skills by volunteering to prepare income taxes for low income people. The Keller School Management enables their students to become assertive, resilient, eager, keen, hardworking and willing to pursue their future with enthusiasm. The institute strives to generate the all good qualities in each and every student who is enrolled in it.

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