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Online colleges for business in San Jose

Official statistics show that business management is one of the most popular courses among university students around the world. At this point, business management is consistently outperforming all other courses.
Business management refers to tasks and responsibilities related to running an enterprise that may include execution, regulation, growth, monitoring, organization, delegation, etc. Business management courses cover a variety of subjects, from marketing, communications, and financial management.
Studies in this field are perfect for anyone interested in setting up their own company or taking on a management role within an existing firm. In San Jose, California, there has been an explosion of the number of people pursuing an online degree. This is not shocking, because online education is increasingly becoming the best way for students across the country to obtain a degree while pursuing their career or other duties.
This has created a rise in online degree demand that can accommodate all practitioners, regardless of their level of field experience. Below I have listed the top online colleges for business in San Jose.

1- Stanford University

Students who are lucky enough to secure a position at the prestigious Stanford Graduate School of Business (GSB) will literally come in ready to take on the world. No wonder the school in every continent boasts alumni! GSB allows students to tailor their studies to suit their needs, including taking courses through other highly regarded schools in the city.
One in six students of MBA choose to obtain a dual or combined degree. Seasoned managers will enroll in the MSx Program in just 12 months to earn a Master’s degree in management science.Both students have plenty of opportunities to enrich their studies and friendships through more than 70 extracurricular GSB organizations and through “The View from the Top,” a series of GSB-hosted speakers that ranged from Mitt Romney to Oprah Winfrey to include key leaders.

2- Holy Names University

University of Holy Names is a great school for those who would like to study online in business management courses near San Jose in California. This school offers students the completion program of a bachelor’s degree in business which is a package for a Master of Business Administration.
This program was conceived with consideration of social responsibility and diversity. If students live near campus, they can choose to complete this degree 100 percent online or as a hybrid programme. This is an accelerated program; the courses are offered in terms of either seven or fifteen weeks. That means that if a student chooses to study full-time, they can complete the degree in less than two years.
Virtual staff support the program as well as technical support 24/7. Online services include academic advice, virtual office hours, an online bookshop and a library for online access.

3- John F. Kennedy University

John F. Kennedy University offers students an online degree program designed to meet their specific requirements in San Jose, California. The school uses FlexCourse, a groundbreaking platform allowing students to complete on-demand online courses at an annual flat fee of $8,500.
It means a student can complete a degree on their own terms and have only one tuition rate to pay, no matter how many or how few courses they take. Students can take on the degree of an associate, a bachelor or a master.
Study fields include business, administration, and psychology. For this degree, web services include a fully operational online portal with additional smartphone and tablet applications, 24/7 technical support, an electronic archive and an online database.

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