Mouth-Watering, Protein Filled Freezer Meals for New Moms

It’s a wonderful way to make things simpler for you postpartum to freeze meals before your child arrives. You shouldn’t have to worry about cooking good postpartum meals because becoming a fresh mother is stressful enough.

Before my last two children were born, I scheduled, prepared and froze several meals and it made a world of difference in my day. Another thing that helped me tremendously was that my friends threw me a freezer meal shower instead of a baby shower. So, perhaps this might be an alternative for you as well.

If not, I’ve created 25 delicious postpartum freezer dinners for you fresh moms to take away from your day the stress of scheduling meals and cooking. You can therefore have more time to cuddle and enjoy your fresh joy bundle.

Easy freezer meal tip: cook foods like enchiladas and so on whenever possible in an aluminum pan. This way all you need to do is wrap and freeze the entire pan in plastic wrap.

Easy, Delicious Meals for New Moms

This Cookie Rookie recipe is very similar to what I always use in my chili recipe. It’s easy, delicious, and it’s good to freeze. If you are afraid they might upset your baby’s tummy, feel comfortable leaving the beans out.

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