Mister Global Contestants Dress In Their National Costumes And Look Like Video Game Bosses

Recently, Mister Global, a masculine beauty pageant has taken place in Thailand. The event was established in 2014 and since its first edition, more than 60 nations have sent their representatives to compete for the Mister Global Title. This year, 38 applicants decided to evaluate their strengths. The final was held in Bangkok on the theme of “Inspiring Gentleman” on September 26. However, this event is not just a beauty contest, even though one of the primary demands of the contestants is to be’ good-looking,’ as the pageant’s spokesman, Kitti Kamjunsa, said to Inspiral Viral.

“Kamjunsa said. When asked what makes Mister Global different from other pageants, the spokesman clarified:” Every pageant scheme is basically the same, but what makes Mister Global different from the others is that we are part of the Top 5 Grand Slam Male Pageants. We have high quality candidates and a great deal of assistance from our domestic managers from around the globe. We’ve also received a lot of assistance from our many supporters who follow us on our blog and official page. Most importantly, we are true to our position on environmental awareness and the cause of charity.


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