How to Tell the Difference Between Perfume, Cologne, and Eau de Toilette

When you’re in a boutique and choose a fragrance, most people usually don’t pay attention to a specific kind of perfume and just purchase what they like. And a vast majority of people don’t understand what is meant by “water fraiche.”Finding the correct kind of scent is just as essential as selecting the correct fragrance — if it is too powerful, it could shock you and everyone around you! And if it’s too light, it’ll fade away in an eye’s blink.

We love to get lost in complex ideas here at Inspiral Viral and then explain them in easy terms. Here’s how you can readily differentiate 5 of the most common scents in the large and complex perfumery globe.


Since ancient times when salves and balms were produced with the assistance of essential oils, humanity has been acquainted with perfume. Perfume nowadays has the largest concentration of vital oils, about 20% to 30%, leading in a creamier fragrance that makes it a more constant, long-lasting fragrance.

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