Here Are The 30 Best Signs From The 2019 Climate Strike

Last year, Greta Thunberg drew the world’s attention to her protests to increase consciousness of the hazards presented by climate change and to hold leaders responsible for their inactivity during the climate crisis. This year, the whole world is taking to the streets to express the same feelings. Global Climate Strike is an global event that encourages everyone to take part in altering the world for the better by increasing awareness of how important these climate problems are and drawing the attention of those who choose to stay passive.

Thousands of individuals all over the globe took part in various worldwide strikes on September 20. The strikes took place just before nations gathered at the Climate Action Summit on 23 September to discuss how to minimize greenhouse gas emissions under the Paris Climate Agreement 2015.

Many individuals have used multiple means to convey their ideas and to attract attention to them. Some simply used the fact that the strikes were going on, trying to gather as many people as possible. Others, uh… Well, they used their creative and artistic skills to demonstrate what was in their minds. So scroll down below and check out some of the best ones.


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