Demi Lovato Admits She Edited Bikini Pics, Shares an Unaltered Photo

With social media as important as it is in our life, it is difficult to get away from the “ideal” norms it sets for an unsafe community. We seem to be wired, without rationally thinking about it, to take everything we see at face value. Skin can’t look that smooth physically. Hair can’t be that bright. And that’s not how bodies should be able to bend.

Everything has been edited.

And, lately, the singing sensation, Demi Lovato, gave us a taste of how toxic image editing can be for your own self-esteem, as well as for your supporters. Fortunately, she now seems to be above all that and is prepared to encourage nothing but positivity for the body! Continue reading to see the star’s unedited images…

Remember when Demi Lovato posted about how insecure she was about her ” beach body?”

With her carefree smile and beach-living, you would never understand that she is constantly struggling with her own insecurity.

“So, in this image I’m insecure about my legs but I’m posting it because I look so pleased and this year I chose to let go of my perfectionism and embrace self-criticism,” Lovato wrote.

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