Dad Lion Crouches Down To Meet His Baby Cub For The First Time In This Adorable Video

Sharing an adorable animal video is certainly in the top 3 if there is one way to win over the internet. Whether it’s a cute puppy who’s just learning the world’s first steps or a fluffy kitten doing something funny, moving pictures of little critics have a beloved and well-earned position on the worldwide web. And this Denver Zoo shared video definitely fits the requirements.

The video distributed in its enclosure on September 6, 2019, shows a lion cub playing around. Although clearly the focus is on the small lion child, the moment he shares with his lion daddy is the footage star. For the first time, the two generations encountered with the behavior of the large lion Tobias towards his little bean of a son as he instantly bent down to communicate winning over the internet. Many commended the soft conduct of this 2-year-old dad.

Recently, Denver Zoo shared an adorable video showcasing a lion dad meeting his cub for the first time

Bored Panda approached the representative of Denver Zoo and learned that on July 25 the cub was born.”He has spent the last few months bonding with his mother (Neliah), father (Tobias) and half-sister (Kamara) behind the scenes at Predator Ridge in Denver Zoo, and will quickly make his large public debut in one of the outdoor habitats,” disclosed communications manager Jake Kubié.”He’s all the stuff you could expect from a lion’s cub: playful, curious and powerful!”

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