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Australia has a history of depending on young artistic people to move to Australia. Meanwhile, the 1940’s, second post world war, when the first upsurge of Immigrants from Europe, in succession from the tragedies of the war was wandered to Australia through the ’50s & 60’s when more and more Europeans were asked to migrate, Australia has always depended on young skilled people to work as well as live in Australia for monetary reasons. In the last two periods, migrants from Asia have inwards in huge numbers with China increasing the number of immigrants until the mid- 2000’s and more lately, India becoming the number one sourced republic for migration.

The first phase in any migration voyage is to find out what visa options are offered to you (and which one is right for your specific circumstances). Our skilled and experienced Migration Consultants can offer you with inclusive immigration advice around all areas as well as types of Australian visas – so whatsoever your circumstances, if there is a visa you be eligible for, we can help!


To get comprehensive immigration advice personalized to your discrete circumstances, you will require to book a session with one of our Migration Consultants. Early Consultation schedules are charged at AUD$198 (or AUD$99 for Australian student visa possessors) and can be held face-to-face in our Perth CBD office or by telephone/web-conference. If you are searching for somebody who can give immigration guidance, our consultation will certainly answer all your questions.

Throughout your consultation, your Migration Advisor will:

  • deliberate your migration goals and chosen outcomes
  • ask questions to regulate your suitability for your anticipated visa
  • achieve an in-depth valuation of your eligibility by applying your discrete circumstances against the appropriate legislative necessities of your anticipated visa(s)
  • offer you with clear and summarizing advice regarding your visa eligibility
  • deliver you with all appropriate information essential to let you make a knowledgeable decision about following your planned visa option (such as how the application procedure works, what gentle of information as well as documentation is vital, how long the procedure may take, what your probabilities of success are and what the procedure is likely to cost).

Conferring to a report, “The Economic Influence of Migration” organized by the Migration Assembly of Australia, The economic influence of migration drifts through into every part of the economy. It has a thoughtful positive impression not just on populace growth, but also on labor participation and service, on wages & incomes, on our state skills base and on net productivity. Set out in relations of the three ‘Ps’ – contribution, productivity as well as a population – migration is an important factor.

The statement also finds that the expert migrants not only bring high levels of expertise but have higher Education levels than associated to people born in Australia. The total populace of Australia rendering to the report is projected to upsurge to 38 Million by 2050 largely due to the rise of immigrants approaching the country.

Australia has one of the lowermost birth rates (presently stands at less than one child for each family) which is a prime reason for the country looking for skilled immigrants to migrate.

There are other main reasons including an ageing populace that is becoming a drain on the country’s social security scheme. Young skilled immigrants help fill the skill gaps, employment as well as create business opportunities.

The visas allotted under the Skilled Migration program have amplified from 120,000 in 2004-2005 to 190,000 in 2014-2015. The program is designed to switch not only the number of immigrants arriving in the country every year but also the kind of skills that people come to Australia.

Since the passage of the century, the Australian Immigration rules have focused on a move towards International Students as well as skilled people on employed visas. Global students after implementation their education in Australia get a chance to increase their skills by seeking employment over the post-study work rights in that way filling the skill gaps.

Australian Employers get to guarantor skilled foreign workers including Global students based on their qualifications & skills. The aids under the Employer sponsorship programs are for momentary and perpetual visas. The emphasis on working visa policies guarantees Australian Employers get to fill skill slits on a short through the migration procedure.

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