A Teacher Wears the Same Dress for 100 Days in a Row to Show a Way to Stop Consumerism Once and For All

So you open the door of your closet, take a long sad look inside, and believe, “Ugh, I’ve got nothing to wear again.” Well, this must be a true headache. But the greatest problem here is that there are endless piles of clothes you’ve worn once or twice. Some accounts claim that customers bought 60 per cent more clothing in 2014 compared to 2000, but retained each garment for half as long.

Julia Mooney, an art teacher from New Jersey, was alarmed by the adverse social and environmental impact of fast fashion conduct. She decided to bring people’s attention to the problem in a surprising way, and we can’t remain indifferent to this challenge.

The Inspiral Viral team was surprised by the fundamental reasons for Julia’s message, and now we think that everyone should move towards sustainable consumption.

Julia shared her first Instagram post at the start of August 2018. She announced that she would challenge herself and wear the same dress for 100 days. Expecting a lot of questions, Julia said something about some problems at the start.

“Disgusting, huh? Well, it’s going to be cleaned! Boring? Boring? Yeah. Sure. I enjoy to express myself through what I wear as much as the next American. “She also clarified that if her clothes were to tear, she could patch it like individuals did in the past. And at work, she was going to use an apron to prevent paint stains. But let’s find out why she wants to “suffer.”

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