9 Steps You Can Take to Talk to Your Children Like Mr. Rogers Did

English, Swedish and German. No, Freddish, man. You’ve heard it right. Freddish is a language, or rather a so-called set of guidelines on how to speak to kids, created by Fred Rogers. He developed a TV show devoted to preschool kids and significant aspects of their lives and upbringing. He realized that kids literally hear everything, so the way we speak to them is essential.

We at Inspiral Viral are struck by the simplicity and efficiency with which you can speak to a kid using Mr. Rogers ‘ techniques. There are only 9 steps that can change your life and your child’s life. And we’re prepared to demonstrate you how it works in instances that are familiar to many parents.

All the kids are distinct. But they all need guidance from their parents, and sometimes you have to clarify the laws about toys, strangers, and locations where they can play. We recommend that you check out 3 instances of how to apply the laws of Mr. Rogers. They show how to change a adverse concept into a favorable declaration that can be said to any kid and even impact their knowledge of growing up.

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