8 Popular Things Only a Few People Know the True Meaning Of

Nowadays, individuals around the globe are free to wear any kind of clothes or hairstyles, to paint their nails in any color, and to get any tattoos they want. But in the past, our ancestors gave a unique significance to these items, which were often the reverse of contemporary significance. For instance, a red lipstick or a striped print just a few decades ago labeled females with a unique social status.

We at Inspiral Viral have reviewed a number of books and science articles on this subject, and we want to share what we’ve discovered with you.

1. Women’s and men’s undercuts used to be a sign of sacred vengeance.

In the past, the residents of the Marquesas Islands (Polynesia) used to shave their heads entirely leaving a lengthy lock of hair on the top that used to be tied in a knot. This haircut was used only in cases where people made a sacred oath of revenge for the death of a close person. The hair was not trimmed until the promise had been fulfilled.

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