6 Things That Only 2 People in the World Know About

Great secrets are excellent, because few individuals know about them. Some secrets are handed down from generation to generation, some from a teacher to a successor. It’s said that if something has to be kept confidential forever, only two individuals should know about it. So who’s supposed to maintain it?

Inspiral Viral is going to tell you 6 secrets that only 2 individuals in the globe know about.

1. The Chartreuse liqueur recipe

Chartreuse is a French liqueur produced by the monks of the Carthusian Order in the winery of Voiron and Isere at the border of the Chartreuse Mountains since the 17th century.

The primary characteristic of the liquor is that it is made of 130 kinds of herbs and is known as the elixir of life. By the manner, every herb is kept confidential, and only two monks of the Grande Chartreuse monastery know the recipe.

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