5 Tips to move to a different state

Moving is no simple job, irrespective of distance, but it can be particularly difficult to cross state lines. If you’ve decided to create a fresh state home, by pursuing these seven tips, make the transition less stressful.

Change of address = Change of tax

Well, first of all, let the USPS know as quickly as you understand your new email. Inform utilities, banks, credit card businesses, and anyone else who communicates with you through snail mail while you’re at it.

Changing address has critical ramifications as it establishes your new state’s legal domicile (permanent residency) and thus prevents your old state from thinking that you lived there when you didn’t. It may sound difficult to file taxes when you move to a new state, but it’s really pretty easy, particularly if you set up residency right away. Check out the complete information of this excellent Wallace Plese + Dreyer article.

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