46 Years Ago Michael Caine Saw a Girl in an Ad, Found Her, and Married Her — Then She Saved His Life

Sir Michael Caine has worked on more than 100 films. He is one of the performers on demand at any era. But he had to take any work he was given at the start of his career. He believes he owes his success to the lady he encountered, who brought stability to his life. So, Shakira Baksh has been his spouse and partner for 46 years now. The tale of how they met is likely just as remarkable as the career of Michael Caine.

Inspiral Viral was influenced by this British actor’s love tale and chose to share it with you.

Who is Shakira Baksh?

Shakira and Michael Caine are from Guyana with their daughter Natasha, 1973 Shakira Baksh. At the age of 16, she left college and began working as a secretary in the U.S. branch office. As a consequence of the anti-American demonstrations, the office has been demolished, and even today, as a reminder of those incidents, she has a scar on her face.

Because living in her homeland was difficult, the only objective of Shakira was to leave the nation. She was given that opportunity to take part in a beauty contest. When she won the “Miss Guyana” title, she went on to compete in the “Miss World” contest in 1967, where she won third position.

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