23 Pictures That Bust the Healthy Food Myths We Believed for Years

When everyone talks about losing weight, it makes you want to start eating healthy food. But when you see how much controversial information there is about it, you just want to give up, and eat candy in order to overcome the stress caused by the failed attempt of becoming perfect.

We at Bright Side seem to have found the blog about healthy food that all of us needed so much.

Graeme Tomlinson is a fitness chef. You can find him on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter under this nickname — The Fitness Chef. Graeme has been a personal coach and nutrition consultant for over 5 years, he is in a perfect physical shape, and he always bases his posts on scientific facts. He believes that anyone can lose weight without a lot of limitations. This sounds really promising. Here are simple and inspiring pictures from Graeme Tomlinson’s Instagram page.


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