19 Actors Who Weren’t Afraid of Hiding Their Beauty Under the Horrific Masks of Marvel Supervillains

Spider-Man: Far from Home was published on June 28. It’s a sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming. A new supervillain also emerged in the Marvel Universe — Mystery, and the American actor Jake Gyllenhaal depicted him. In the film, his personality has no creepy masks or makeup, unlike other Marvel supervillains. That’s why it’s difficult to imagine what the actor or actress is hiding under the horrible makeup.

Because the fresh Peter Parker film was published lately, we at Inspiral Viral decided to find out who played the most frightening supervillains in the Marvel cinematic universe.

Mysterio — Jake Gyllenhaal

Mysterio is regarded to be one of Spider-Man’s main enemies. One of the most recognizable details of Mysterio’s picture is his round helmet made of glass. In the film, Jake Gyllenhaal is going to play the part of a villain and, judging by the video, he’s not going to wear a helmet. Aside from the scene where Hydro-Man fights in the green smoke.

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