15 Things You Can Do to Start Helping Our Planet Right Now

In latest years, humanity has begun to realize that we are going the wrong way. The natural resources of our planet are being exhausted, and the oceans and the atmosphere are becoming dirtier and dirtier. So researchers rush to invent stuff that can cure the Earth before we destroy it. Did you understand that about 1.4 billion pounds of garbage comes into the ocean every year?

Inspiral Viral has drawn up a list of 15 inventions that could make Earth a better place. From environmental food wraps to fresh ways to clean the oceans— everything can make a difference. Don’t miss the bonus at the end— this NASA news is worth it!

1. New ways to repurpose plastic bottles

Humanity has become so worried about the issue of plastic waste that it has begun to reuse every possible bottle. The most incredible concepts are the ships and even the houses.

Instead of throwing away bottles that were only used once, individuals recycle them to everything from flowerpots to toys and trash cans.

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